How to Gain Expert Status Using Online Media Sites

For a business or venture to survive and thrive, it needs to consistently make new sales.

To consistently make new sales, a business needs two simple things:

1. A Steady Stream Of Quality Targeted Traffic

2. Trust & Recognition

If You Put These Two Pillars In Place, Making Sales Becomes

Much Easier – And It’s Much Simpler Than Most People Think…

The key to gaining the kind of trust and traffic that results in sales and profits is to establish “Expert Status”…

People Trust Experts:

“Expert Status” is gained through Social Proof – but all Social proof is not created equal.

Let’s look at these two examples:

• Example A – Has a few good testimonials on their website…

• Example B – Gets invited to speak on their subject by the News Media…

And it holds the big ‘Secret’ to how it all works…



“The Fastest, Simplest Way For A Person Or Business To Gain ‘Expert Status’ Is To Get Recognition From Already Trusted Brands!”

The Good News is that it’s now been made incredibly simple to get that recognition.

Tap Into The World’s Most Recognized Authority Brands To Establish “Expert Status” Overnight & Drive More Traffic And Sales…

We can help

We are quite excited by this… after a number of months we have been able to negotiate a deal with Yahoo Finance/ Yahoo news and other news sites, to feature a local business in each locality and showcase what they do.

We have 2 Media campaign offerings:

1. (Please watch entire video)

-We can help increase your business’ brand visibility so you can get more customers, clients, or patients.

-We handle all the marketing for the hyper local ad campaigns so you can appear on high profile sites like Google News, Slideshare, YouTube, and others.

-There’s nothing for you to do except provide us with the details of your business and we will handle all the heavy lifting of running the marketing campaigns while providing a monthly report showing the increase of visibility for your business.

2. (This includes Yahoo! and 2 other 8 figure monthly visitor sites; plus everything in #1)

We plan to offer these Media Campaigns to local businesses and want to give others the opportunity to earn income by referring their existing Clients and Contacts to us.

(Please contact us for details)

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