Set up your personal medication profile and interact with pharmacists from the comfort of your home.

Our goal is to provide you with informative articles and educational videos. We will also show you how to set up your free medication profile so you can check for medication uses, side effects and interactions from the comfort of your home.

Our Host Pharmacist


My name is Olufemi Williams and thank you for visiting

I have practiced pharmacy in the US and abroad for many years and I am passionate about providing medication and health information to as many people as possible. It is our mission to provide answers to your questions and direct you to reliable resources.

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Here at MyWebPharmacist,com, we would also like to interact with pharmacists all over the world to discuss how we can serve our communities better by providing reliable medication and health information in the best way possible.


Our goals

Our primary goal is to help every individual to set up their own personal medication profile. This will enable you to check your drug/drug interactions, drug/disease interactions and drug/allergy interactions from the comfort of your home on your own device.

You will also have the opportunity to be part of a community where you can interact with knowledgeable pharmacists and ask any medication related questions.

We will provide regular articles on the most frequently asked medication-related questions.


I would like to thank you again for visiting and I hope this forum will help answer general medication related questions and also give you the opportunity to interact with a pharmacist from the comfort of your computer or other device.

Please visit my website for more information at

Best regards and to your health,

Olufemi Williams Pharm D, MBA

  1. Hi Olufemi what a great idea. Will be very useful to be able to ask those funny/difficult questions and get an online response from a professional. I will definitely be bookmarking this site and referring my family and friends to check it out. Will the medical profile differ much from country to country? All the best

    • Hi Abbas,
      Sometimes medication brand names may be different from country to country. The database usually has a lot of different brand and generic names. Try entering your medications and if there is any you cannot find, let me know and I will help with it.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Drug is very vital for life and should be taken appropriately. Inappropriate or wrong use of these drugs can as well cause harm to the body and that’s why we really need to have a good pharmacist who deals specifically on these drugs for professional advice and guidance. Thanks for bringing the info here.

  3. Hi Olufemi,

    I think you have a great site for people to find answers. I am wondering if everything you discuss with members is kept confidential? I have some personal issues that would be compromising to me and cause me a great deal of embarrassment. So, privacy is important!

    Would you be able to recommend similar medications Maybe generic) that may cost me less to help reduce my co-pay? That would help me a lot! 

    Thank You,


    • Hi Chas,

      For now the website is open to the public and we want to encourage you to ask medication related questions that can be shared with the public. If we find out that more people want one on one discussions, we may create a membership area with the required privacy. 

      Yes our pharmacists can recommend generic alternatives to expensive medications but you still have to discuss what we recommend with your healthcare provider since they have a better idea of your individual health condition.  

  4. Wow, this is really a useful information on this article. Like seriously, creating a medication profile inline and speaking to professionals about your medication is very awesome. People need to be educated about the use of drugs and the reactions between medication, disease and so on. By so doing, I  think the issue of addiction can be eradicated. This is really nice. Good job. Welldone.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. We think this kind of information website is long overdue and we hope more pharmacists in different countries will set up websites that provide the needed medication information to the public.

  5. Dear Dr williams. Your Venture is a very good one and would assist in creating awareness for a lot of people about the use of drugs. Can i get informed about a Specific drug on your website or do i have to have a medical profile on your site. Thanks and i wish you the best

    • Hi Olakunle,

      If you have a question on a specific medication, I would suggest a website called . You can also create a medication profile on the same website. I made a youtube video to show you how to do that. It is very easy. Hope this helps.

  6. Hi Olufemi,

    Thanks for creating a platform like this. Apart, from the fact that it will ease the stress of looking for a community pharmacist, there will be more impact on the perception of the therapy. Pharmacists has the ability to influence patient expectations depending on whether they are confident that the treatment is effective.

    • Thanks for your comments. We hope to make this a very interactive and educative website. We also plan to adapt to the needs of our readers and we are listening.

  7. Thank you for sharing your ambition on help us getting informed about drugs. I will set up my medication online. Will there be any charge for the interaction with the pharmacist? This idea is brilliant, I would love to know more about the medicines that I take and if any of it will have a side effect with another medicine or not. I will bookmark your page and will follow your latest article. 🙂

    • Hi,

      Interacting with our pharmacists is free. However, our website teaches you the best way to get most of the information yourself. We want you to ask us only the difficult medication questions which you could not find out for yourself. Create your medication profile as shown in the video tutorial on the home page and you will find out that most of your questions are already answered.

      Thanks again

  8. I like the idea of setting up a medical profile with one’s details about health and medication usage. So far I am lucky enough to be on no medication at 70 years young. Of course, that could change in the years to come. Setting up a login in profile is great for privacy information. Can You advise me on consuming an aspirin a day, I believe it’s the small dosage asprin ( Baby Asprin) Every morning and night, I take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 3 oz of water. Any known reason I should not be taking it. Thanks for now ………Douglas

    • Hi Doug,

      It is wonderful that you are 70 years young and take no medications. Since you have survived this long without medications I would not advise that you start now if you do not need to. However, if possible you should get a yearly check up with your healthcare provider just to make sure everything is functioning well with no hidden surprises. Low dose aspirin helps improve your blood flow and is usually recommended for heart health, but you might already be taking some foods which work just as well. That is the reason that for most chronic conditions, doctors first recommend diet and exercise. So to answer your question again, I do not think you should start taking baby aspirin just for the sake of taking it, unless your doctor or healthcare provider thinks it is necessary.

      Hope this helps

  9. This is a much-needed website, to be able to get a second opinion and no doubt a more transparent outlook on what medications are really needed. independent information and opinion on what damages are caused (side effects) are invaluable. May there come a day when we don’t just follow like sheep and take every frug made available for every new trend-setting ailment. Great work!

    • Hi Paul,

      Medications can be lifesavers but they can cause a lot of damage if not prescribed/used wisely and responsibly. Thanks for the encouragement. 

    • Hi Lyn,
      I think the Japanese medications are labeled in Japanese so you would need to use google to find the English name or better still, the chemical name. Then you can add it in the medication profile.
      Thanks for your comment.

  10. Hi Olufemi!  I am really looking forward to visiting your site more and keeping informative about prescriptions my family and I are taking.  Looks like it will be great information for us!  I know this is probably a no, but will you also have prescription information for pets…more specifically dogs?  I have two that take a lot of prescriptions.

    • Hi Matt’s Mom,

      Thanks for your comment and question. I do not know too much about pets but we sometimes get prescriptions for pets at my place of work. Sometimes animals process medications differently from humans so a vet doctor is always the best person to prescribe for your dogs.

      I am an affiliate of PetMeds and you may be able to get your dogs’ prescriptions at a good price. I attached the link below with a coupon code. Hope it helps.

       $5 off with code WEBC5 at 1800PetMeds + Free Shipping on orders over $49

      Thanks Olufemi

  11. Thanks for writing this article about mywebpharmacist. I find it so full of information on what mywebpharmacist going to offer to public medically and I find it so useful and I also know many will find this information useful in matters patterning to there health and well being in general. Thanks 

  12. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.people lost their life’s through the process of self medication and failure to consult a medical practitioner. It’s really good having such an idea to create this platform and helps people’s life. I can’t hesitate to share this website with people around me. Thanks 

  13. Waow! I commend you for this Olufemi. This is a really well-thought idea that will be very useful to hundreds of people, myself inclusive.

    I believe it’s a great idea to be able to reach out in time of confusion when it comes to my drugs and be able to get the proper answer I need instantly without having to wait to see my GP.

    will definitely bookmark this site and also get my family and friends onboard. It’s a great venture and I wish you all the best.

  14. Great write up and good to know about your site Femi. I browsed around your site and got to read some about some interesting articles like Solving problems if high cost prescription drugs, why we need a Medication information website facilitated by Pharmacists, and Marketing Plan for an independent pharmacist. You are doing a great job on being visible on the blogging space. Keep it up. 

  15. Hello Femi,

    This is a fantastic initiative. With a lot of nutritional and health related blogs being run unprofessionally, it’s good to know there’s a blog run by a professionally certified health practitioner. Now, I can get to ask all those questions that do trouble my mind. Can’t wait to see how this idea develops, wish your blog the very best.

    warm regards

  16. Hi Olufemi,

    Thank you for sharing your ambition on help us getting informed about drugs. Drug is very vital for life and should be taken appropriately. I will set up my medication online. Inappropriate or wrong use of these drugs can as well cause harm to the body and that’s why we really need to have a good pharmacist who deals specifically on these drugs for professional advice and guidance. Best regards,

  17. Hi Olufemj ,this is a very brilliant idea I think . information have been something many people lack which hunt them in various ways. I remember that there were times I used some drugs only to end up having rashes but I could not find out what could have been the cause and since I spend most of my time online as an online marketer I have not been chanced to visit the hospital, but having this will be of benefit. But I have a question or an idea still, would there be probably an article on basis about drugs and things we have to know about health so we can also be educated some sort even as we make enquiries from MyWebPharmacist

    Thanks for this brilliant idea

    • Hi Devine13,

      I hope to write more articles and create YouTube videos based on information that you my readers want. Just let me know what medication information you want to learn about and if there is a lot of interest I can create an article or a video about it. Also when you set up your free medication profile you can get a lot of information on your medications.

      For private one on one questions with our pharmacists, you can check the “ask our pharmacists” page.



  18. HI Olufemi Williams,

    Thank you for starting a website which is based on pharmaceutical products. Drug is very important for everyone and some time, we are misguided and fall in a victim of side effect issue. I believe that your articles are helpful for many people who want to know the perfect knowledge and real truth behind those pharmaceutical products. I am going to save your website in my favorite section and looking forward for your next article.

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