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Medications can be life savers and usually can improve the quality of your life if you fall sick. But did you know that these same medications can cause unwanted side effects or may interact with other medications, food, alcohol or even your particular health condition?

Sometimes these unwanted side effects or drug interactions may lead to more serious health conditions or even death.

Did you know that the annual cost of drug-related illness and death in the United States resulting from non-optimized medication therapy was $528.4 billion in 2016?

There are many websites that allow you to look up drug-drug interactions and medication side effects however; the best way to check for drug interactions or side effects is to use a website that will also check the interaction against your individual health condition, age or allergies.

We have created a video that would teach you how to set up your personal medication profile for free. This will enable you to check your drug/drug interactions, drug/disease interactions and drug/allergy interactions from the comfort of your home on your own device.

Why do you need to check for drug interactions and side effects in relation to your health condition or allergy?

Let us look at this example;

If you have high blood pressure, would you want to use a cold medicine that raises blood pressure?

Another example is a person who has a severe allergy to eggs should not receive a vaccine that was manufactured with eggs.

These are just a few examples of how you can help your health care provider in your journey to good health.

Let me share this true story.

A few years ago, I was speaking with a lady who was surprised that she had developed jaw bone problems and she said she had a very good dental hygiene routine.

As we discussed further I found out that she had been placed on a medication for osteoporosis and the jaw bone necrosis she was experiencing was an adverse reaction to it.

She had not thought of telling her dentist about her current medications because she did not link the adverse reaction to her osteoporosis medication.

So you see why anyone who takes medications should take the time to create a medication profile and check for drug interactions and side effects each time a new medication is added.

In 2017, The World Health Organization launched an initiative to reduce the global burden of medication-related harm by 50% within five years. One of the areas of focus was engaging patients and the public in medication information.

Our Pharmacists want to be part of the solution and help educate as many people as possible. We are therefore making ourselves available to you risk free. You can ask us any non-urgent medication-related questions and we will get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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